This project envisions dissemination of Vedic knowledge using modern day technology, thereby reaching out to an audience that is currently not well informed on this subject.

  • To increase access to Vedic knowledge within the conventional educational system.
  • To bring different Vedic experts together on a single platform.
  • To incorporate the use of modern technology to the way Vedic knowledge is disseminated.


Topics relating to the Vedas are not sufficiently addressed in most educational curricula today. Emphasis in both primary as well as secondary education is mainly on the Western system of knowledge that encompasses Sciences, Math and Humanities. An app for the tablet PC on Vedic knowledge will help in increasing its reach. The main target group will be the youth of the English-speaking world, who are technologically savvy and have access to a tablet PC, or at least a computer.

Experts of different Vedic knowledge will be invited to provide content, and the moderator will help in distilling the content and converting it as per the requirements of the app/pdf. A module-based approach will be employed, with different modules relating to different streams of Vedic knowledge. Examples of these modules include Vedic Math, Vedic Astronomy & Astrology, Ayurveda and Philosophy to name a few. Modules will be added, as and when content is made available and approved by the moderator. The app will be designed primarily for the iPad and as a pdf that can be read on computers.

The tablet PC is more portable than books and can be carried around with relative ease, and will make Vedic knowledge easier to access for those interested. Making the app interactive will increase its appeal to the reader and capture attention of the youth. The approach used will be “less heavy” than reading scriptures, books and theses on the topic. The module based approach will make it easy to add / remove / update content. Modules can also be downloaded as per interest, and studied at one’s leisure. The app also brings together different Vedic experts together on a single platform. The content will be presented in a manner that suits the technologically inclined. The Lite version can be read as a pdf on ordinary computers, while the interactive version will need a tablet PC such as the iPad or the Google Nexus.

The Team

Vimal Bojraj
Pooja Jain
Vikram Devatha