Sustainable Food Choices


Four informative and educational animation movies around the theme of organic food and sustainable food practices. Join us to follow the wanderings of Prabhu and his son Saundarajan!

  • To inform about sustainable day-to-day food choices each one of us has.
  • To invite people to shop locally and organically grown food.
  • To enthuse people to start growing edibles.


These four short animation films attempt to create awareness about food choices and invite the aurdience to think if their day to day food choices are appropriate, healthy, supportive of the local farming community and environmentally friendly. friendly. Moreover they invite everybody to grow whatever little food they can and to create a healthy and vibrant community.

Prabhu and Saundarajan are a father and son duo. Questioning things around them, they ponder about where their food is coming from and about a lot of other things! Let us come together and see what they are up-to…

These short films have been presented at the 3rd Auroville Film Festival in 2013.

The Team

Martin Scherfler
Shreya Sen
Jesse Fox-Allen
Krishna Devanandan