Rooftop Garden Container 02


This design attempts to develop an aesthetically pleasing and easy to install container garden system to aid in creating edible rooftop gardens.

  • To promote edible rooftop gardening in urban areas.
  • To provide an affordable and simple solution for rooftop container gardening.
  • To enthuse people to start growing edibles rather than only ornamental plants.


India has recently been witnessing high inflation rates especially on food items. Continuous population increase, rapid loss of agricultural land, erosion of topsoil and water shortage in many areas of India contributes to this.

Food security and food sovereignty are becoming real concerns for an increasing number of people. At the same time, modern agriculture and the food processing industries are being questioned for their views toward social justice and environmental well-being. People want to know how the food they consume is being produced and often motivated to start supporting some of their food needs by growing vegetables in whatever space is available to them.

These rooftop garden containers have been developed to answer this need and hence promote urban agriculture. This light weight container for edible roof top gardening allows one to grow nearly any kind of vegetables on rooftops and balconies.

The large container, 60x60x35 cm, is made with plastics mold injection. Easy to install and maintain, it is a beginner-friendly product.

The Team

Daniel Ojeda
Martin Scherfler
Apoorva Gadgil-Gijare