Organic Farming in South India


This short documentary is an interesting immersion into the Southern India organic fields. It shows the processes and challenges faced by farmers to maintain natures balance and create a close-loop system within the farm.

  • To showcase the benefits of organic farming for people and nature.
  • To convey useful tips and tools for organic farming.
  • To enthuse farmers to start organic farming and become self-sufficient.


Also called low input farming, organic farming is a production system that sustains the health of soils, ecosystems and people. It uses natural sources of nutrients and natural methods of crop and weed control. It would adapt cycles to local conditions rather than using synthetic agrochemicals.

Shot in Auroville during spring 2013, this documentary intends to inform and educate about organic farming processes and their benefits. It addresses issues such as soil quality, seed quality, crops for climate and animal integration in the farm. The video also shows the challenges of organic farming regarding plantation organization and water management, in order to not harm natures balance through human intervention.
This documentary is meant to be a valuable source of information for farmers willing to become self-sufficient and to preserve the quality of their organic production.

The Team

Tom Morris