Nav – Window Sill Garden


Nav is a product that offers a simple and beautiful solution to growing herbs and micro greens in limited indoor space.

  • To offer a simple yet aesthetic solution to indoor gardens.
  • To promote the growing of herbs and greens in apartment spaces.


Growing, nurturing and harvesting plants are activities which contribute to one’s wellbeing and can also add flavours to food.

Nav has been designed to grow various herbs or micro greens, keeping in mind the component of interior decoration. This will add a refreshing green touch to indoor spaces while providing healthy and fresh produce. It is an attempt to use a cradle to cradle design approach.

Manufactured in Auroville, the kit comes in a jute bag with one planting ceramic container, organic seeds and a growing guide.

The Team

Avantika Agarwal
Harshvardhan Upadhyay
Amitabh Singh
Martin Scherfler
Niranjan Kalaimaran
Mamta Volvoikar
Vimal Bojraj
Balu Ramalingam