My Pumpkin Roof


My Pumkin Roof is a publication on urban agricultural practices and home gardening. It is a simple handbook that offers do-it-yourself tips and provides information on seed conservation, composting and best practices from India and the world.

  • To inform about organic urban food production.
  • To give simple do-it-yourself guidance.
  • To enthuse people to start growing edibles.


The Urban Agriculture Handbook is meant as an educational and informational source on urban agricultural practices and home gardening. It addresses issues such as food security, eco-efficiency, gardening techniques, indigenous edible plants and recipes within a global and regional perspective.

The book will reach out to all metropolitan cities in India. We also plan to develop a prototype of a home farm kit that may include pots, irrigation systems, composting bins, seeds etc. The handbook is envisioned as a valuable source of information for the general public and we hope that it will be part of the urban agriculture trend that is starting to take shape in India.

The Team

Vimal Bojraj
Malvika Pathak
Navleen Kohli
Nalini Mangwani
Urvashi Devidayal
Martin Scherfler