Home Composting


The Home Composting project aims at developing a simple, clean and robust composting system for a 2-3 person urban household.

  • To provide a low maintenance, fast composting system for urban households.
  • To reduce biodegradable waste in the landfills.
  • To convert biodegradable waste into valuable compost.


To separate organic, biodegradable waste from inorganic waste has become a norm in many households. This home composter has been designed to help users create value from their waste and in the process support sustainable waste management.

Composting organic waste at the household level promises to substantially reduce the daily volume of waste directed to a landfill which in turn decreases methane gas emissions there. Also, through this process, unusable kitchen waste is converted into nutrient rich compost which can be re-used for growing edibles and ornamental plants on urban roofs and balconies.

The Team

Apoorva Gadgil-Gijare
Martin Scherfler