Garbology 101 is an interactive, interdisciplinary, multi-age educational kit for children from 6 to 12 years of age.

  • To provide children with knowledge, skills and tools which would inspire them to intervene and stimulate waste systems change.
  • To create and reinforce values of personal responsibility towards the future on earth.
  • To stimulate resource conservation through conscious consumerism.


Waste management is a growing urban problem. The increasing rate of consumption leads to an increase in the waste generated, worldwide.

Garbology 101 aims to offer empowerment through an innovative set of extensively researched educational materials on waste. The curriculum is divided into 6 different themes (waste, resource conservation, avoidance and reduction, conscious consumerism, systems change and whole school activity), each providing a unique perspective on waste and its responsible management. This educational kit was designed keeping in mind a child’s curiosity and enthusiasm to learn.

The Team

Navleen Kohli
Ribhu Vohra
Vimal Bojraj