Creative Expressions from Auroville


This coffee table book introduces the arts and crafts produced within the Auroville community. In this book, the photographer does not only display them as commercially viable products but highlights the spirit behind them, with sensibility and poetry.

  • To present the varied arts and crafts practiced in Auroville featuring colourful images of selected products.
  • To convey the power of artistic representation, displaying the beauty in life.


“Art must function as a revealer and teacher of this divine beauty in life. Art can be means of realization of beauty and at the same time a teacher of what beauty ought to be.” The Mother, 1953.

“Creative expressions”, is a precious coffee table book, having an aim bigger than just introducing the arts and crafts produced within Auroville. The photographer reveals, in accordance to The Mother’s quote, the beauty and spirit behind each product and its creation. Using pictures and poems, the book aims to permeate the viewer with a ‘feel’ of the place and the motivating force for the many activities taking place in Auroville.

This book is a welcoming invitation to delve into the limitless arts and craft initiated in Auroville by 30 different artists and craftsmen: woowork, paintings, sculptures, ceramics, garments and accessories, decoration items, etc.

The foreword for this book was written by Maillika Sarabhai, an activist and Indian classical dancer.

The Team

Leonard Simeon
Priya Sundaravalli
Vimal Bojraj
Elizabeth J. Kurian
Leonard Pierti