Auroville Green Practices Portal


Auroville Green Practices Portal is a resource page of integrated green practices in Auroville. It is meant for everyone in the world who wants to participate in our efforts to put into practice a vision of environmentally responsible living.

  • Document green practices applied in Auroville
  • Offer Auroville’s expertise in green practices to the world
  • Foster knowledge exchange between Auroville and the world


Even though excellent work is being done in Auroville, many people devote little time and effort to communicating the results of this work. This is due to either lack of resources, lack of awareness or simply modesty. Thus we identified a critical need to combine our research results in thematic areas and communicate them through digital media and the internet.

Generally there are very few communications professionals in Auroville, trained in the areas of graphic design, web design, technical writing and digital video production. The communication between Units which are active in thematic areas such as waste, forestry, water, energy etc., is at most informal and is not oriented towards putting out a message to the world.

Our aim was to design, produce and distribute digital content of research work being done in Auroville for dissemination to the world at large, in collaboration with various units. This is seen as an on-going activity with regular updates. Our specific short-term objectives for the first phase of the project (January 2010 – August 2010) were:

Web channel
Create and launch an inspirational and informative web site (a virtual information desk of research at Auroville) with detailed technical information for downloading.

Integrate content and design a publication on the theme of Sustainable Auroville – Food, Water, Waste, Energy, Building, Forestry and Transport. Alternatively, the publication might be available for downloading on the web channel.

Presentation material
Produce integrated high quality presentation material with slides/audio/video clips on the thematic topics for use of Auroville speakers at conferences:

Seminar & Workshops
AGP Workshops: Organize regular workshops and seminars for student and professional in order to foster knowledge exchange.
This project was made possible through sponsorship of Stichting de Zaaier, Netherlands. It is also supported by various units of Auroville: Auroville Consulting, Auronet, Cynergy Software


The Team

Raghu Kolli
Vimal Bojraj
Mamta Volvoikar
Martin Scherfler